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BTS Red Bull Skydive Team

Logo for Red Bull Skydive Team. © Adi Sumic


Behind the Scenes

Red Bull Skydive Team


The brief was simple: a minimalist logo that is totally visual, universally understood, and of course, adhering to the Red Bull brand guidelines. It had to be modular and strong — yet not stronger than the Red Bull brand logo. Back to project.


Logo blueprint.

The Red Bull Skydive Team, a squadron of four exceptionally gifted aerial acrobats, needed a visual identity for their website, uniforms, and marketing materials. Their mark needed to represent all the activities they partake in: skydiving, paragliding, proximity flying, all manners of aerial acrobatics.

The team name needed to be well integrated within the final shape, while keeping a minimalist aesthetic. It needed to look compact, yet not an addition to the Red Bull logo, or an illustrative solution.

The athlete’s main movement, no matter the activity, is flying down. Gravity still rules, despite all ways of flying through the sky. The athletes are all always starting from above, no matter if it is a plane, mountain or building. But using a down arrow with Red Bull main logo was simply not an option.

The client kept insisting that something directing our attention down will never work with the main brand logo, whereas myself and our team believed it could be done with a smart approach.


First round of sketches.


Starting to see the shape.

Logo system set-up (displayed for digital use here).


We managed to create something that can work well with and without branding and represents the athletes in their extreme achievements.

There’s few things as a graphic designer like seeing your work on the tail of an airplane. I’m not quite there yet, but this is definitely my highest and most extreme branding mission so far. It is driven by adrenaline and almost always in flight.


Looks like this branding always seems to fail to stay inside the plane.


Disciplines: Brand Identity
Additional Credits: Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool, Wolfgang Lienbacher