Adi Sumic
Design, Art Direction & Visual Art combined with sports.

BTS (Inside) My Head

Behind the scenes — (Inside) My Head.  © Adi Sumic


Behind the Scenes

(Inside) My Head


With this project and supportive sketching boards, we were trying to capture the inside mind of a kid who grew up with passion. Someone who got serious about design, but still likes to live in the wind. Someone with a child’s outlook on life, but the hindsight an industry veteran. Back to project.


Fake it until you make it. Photo by Leo Rosas.


“The face behind design” was the principal driving force for this project, because our background makes us who we are, and always transpires through our work.

My lively Balkan roots always kept me grounded and allowed my need for adventure to carry me around in life, while never losing sight of my passion for design, only reinforcing it.


Every project starts with sketching.


And even more sketching.


When nobody is watching, sketching on things around.


1. Camera ready.

3. Wait, what the sketch is that?

2. Kung fu light checking.

4. View finding the way to start.


Master behind the lens straight from Venezuela.


After working in design industry for some while now, it was time to show some of my selected work. Thanks to Leo Rosas, my pixelated presentation is now here, starting with the inside of my head.

The supportive sketching boards in this project represent the thoughts behind every discipline. Something that is gradually filled with the simplicity of ski lines, the details of surfing and the physics of kitesurfing.

When it comes to design, they are all part of the puzzle. They help me steer through the cloud of ideas and eventually find the right solution.


Discipline: Visual Identity
Additional Credits: Leo Rosas